Dare to be yourself: a journey of self-healing.

Updated: May 2, 2019

We are born fragile, helpless creatures of nature and love. We are born without a choice of place, people, or times. We are each born, also, with a very unique view of the entire universe inside ourselves. Sometimes, we can forget that we are each born full of light and beauty and it's a beauty for the world to admire and share in. When we forget that we are precious sparks to behold, we withdraw from the world and hide our beauty. Remember that old song about never hiding your light, but to let it shine? Well, that song really should be remembered as we grow. It can become so easy for us to become overwhelmed by the pressures of society, of friends, of even family to be a particular type of person THEY see us as or THEY think we should be like...but that's because they can't see their own light so they force others around them to be the light they can't see in themselves! Don't let these pressures to pull you down and make your fold in on yourself. Remember that you are in this life for the single fact that YOU have something to contribute to this world, whether it be your words, your movements, your art, your strength and courage, or your beauty. We ALL each have a reason for creation to desire our presence. Never forget that. It will take time to find your own unique light. It will not always be easy and for most as the world will throw everything at you until you realize that you're still standing and have something to say. So say it! You are loved, you are strong, and you are worthy. So just BE...but BE YOU.

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