The Beginning Of A New ...Chapter?

Alright, fine! I confess. I haven't been a good blogger. There goes my blogger medal. Ok, moving on. : ) So I have big news (as she looks at the empty audience seats). I have officially begun the process of buying my first house. I say it's my first because the last time I "owned" a house was in my last life and I wasn't in a financial position to actually contribute much so the pride or choice simply wasn't there. Now that I'm reborn into a new life and a better, more real version of myself, I have a career that I LOVE and that pays the bills. I'm finally able to create the life I want. What has been missing has been being able to live in a space that gives me easy access to nature, the ability to freely grow herbs and vegetables, an emotional and spiritual place of escape and solitude and the ability to be creative and free in changing my home around. As many of you know, not having these wonderful gifts when you have grown accustomed to them in the past...can eat away of your spirit. That's exactly what has been happening to me. I've never lived close to a big city and while where I've been living isn't technically a big city, it is surrounded by very big cities and heavily populated areas. It's just too much for me anymore.

I've been watching the housing market get worse and worse and I knew I was going to face hell trying to find a little place of my own but I couldn't imagine waiting another year and anyone who knows me, knows I can be tenacious about a vision I have or in achieving something I long for. After several attempts at searching, I'd given up. Then, something very upsetting happened at my work and I realized I had enough of waiting for other people to tell me when it was ok to change my life around, so I said "to hell with it all! I'll look everywhere in the damned country if I have to!" and I did...then found a lovely little cabin in the mountains in the same part of the country I'm in...of course. It was an acre, small, and screaming for a little love. Exactly what I needed. It took a minute to convince everyone in my life that this was a good choice and that's ok. It's a big surprise and a little out of left field but now that we've really combed through the details, it's becoming more and more of an exciting adventure that seems long overdue. I'd say the biggest challenge for at least me has been to simply give myself permission to simply stop waiting for every to support my ideas. I'm realizing that this can be a two edged sword though. Being bold and going after what you want can leave people with a few cuts. So being gentle is something I need to learn from all this excitement. Regardless, this is an incredibly exciting time and one that seems filled with life-lessons, tests, and determination. I can't wait to create a place of beauty and memory.