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My goal is to thrive, like so many others, in the short flicker of a life I have. If I'm lucky and work hard, I might leave a little light for others to enjoy in my stead. Truly, that is all that is asked of us in this world. 

Meet The Therapists


Julie Davis, LMT


As a child I had often rubbed my father’s feet or my mother’s neck to ease their discomfort after they had a long day of work.  I went to massage school in 2007/2008 to learn how to better help relieve suffering from pain related issues. While I can give you a nice relaxing massage if rest and pampering are what you are after, my focus has always been on pain relief and helping the body keep going as age and health issues start to wear us down. I have focused my training on Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy.  My massage technique is usually a combination of these techniques based on the concerns you have that brought you in for a massage in the first place.  My massages are always different based on the person I am working with, and I will work with you through your goals and feedback to provide a massage tailored to you. I also have experience with Hot Stone, Reflexology, and Prenatal Massage and am looking forward to working with Old Thyme Medicine to expand on other areas of spa treatments and new avenues of training in other massage techniques. 


When I am not at work I am busy at home.  My husband and I recently moved our small homestead to the woods of Front Royal.  We have ducks, quail, cats, dogs, and dairy goats. I enjoy gardening, canning food, making goat cheese and soap, baking, and when time allows- taking hikes in the woods, crocheting, and reading. I grew up in the mountains of upstate New York and am so happy to be back in the woods but with a slightly warmer climate.

Mary Katherine Hawk, LMT 

Having graduated from Advanced Fuller School of Massage Therapy in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2017, my goal has been to focus my efforts on learning techniques that best assist clients in addressing deeply rooted tissue disfunction and pain. I continued my education in 2019 by entering an intensive certification program for medical massage therapy under David Morin, MMT in El Paso, Texas. The 100 hour program teaches health care professionals how to practice soft tissue injury rehabilitation. I come equipped with knowing on how to assess various soft tissue conditions as well as having a working knowledge on facilitated stretches and pain management techniques. I am currently completing a 40 hour intensive certification on manual lymphatic drainage - Vodder technique through ACOLS as well. I have a passion for constantly reading about old and new healing techniques and I am a major advocate for living in harmony with the natural world as being the primary source of our wellness. 

In my free time, I deeply enjoy researching the history of science and hunting down rare and antique books from the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. You can usually find me with my husky, Haley, and my kitty, Stella frequenting the Linden mountains by gardening and hiking. Nothing beats a good fire pit and view of the Shenandoah mountains. I also spend my time studying the Irish language and planning Front Royal's first Lá Gaeilge - Irish Day. 


Breana Athey

I have felt a calling for energy type healing for quite some time. Reiki has provided me with an outlet to allow my talents to shine through. I am certified in Reiki One and Two, as well as animal Reiki One and Two. I received my training from Willow Ridge Reiki and Healing Arts in Purcellville, Virginia. My goal is to continue my training to the level of Karuna Reiki, which is a specialized form of compassion Reiki. I am drawn to help people and our beloved animal friends of all shapes and sizes. Clients have had wonderful results from serious stress and body discomfort. It is truly a joy to help you find your center through my practice. 

Some conditions we have experience with include...
Frozen Shoulder
Lyme Disease 
Degenerative Disc Disease
Piriformis Syndrome
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Post and Pre-op
We also have experience with PTSD and trauma survivors


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