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Mobile Massage Rates 

Therapeutic Massage

30 minute = $50

1 Hour = $100

1.5 Hour = $125

2 Hour = $150

Prenatal Massage

1 Hour = $100

1.5 Hour = $125

Add Ons

Essential Oil = $5

Reflexology (additional 30 minutes) = $30

*This add-on can only be applied to 1 hour or 1.5 hour massage

Prices for upcoming location

Therapeutic Massage

30 minute = $50

1 Hour = $75

1.5 Hour = $100

2 Hour = $150 

*Please note that 2 hours are very exhausting to the therapist, so price is to ensure the work is necessary.

Prenatal Massage

1 hour = $75

1.5 hour $100

Pediatric (ages 8-17)

30 minutes = $40

Abdominal Massage

30 minutes = $50

Add Ons

Essential Oil = $5

Reflexology (additional 30 minutes) = $30

*This add-on can only be applied to 1 hour or 1.5 hour massage. If desired during 2 hour, it can simply be included in time. 

Honey or Green Tea Facial (additional 15 minutes) = $15

Sugar or Salt Foot Scrub (Additional 15 minutes) = $10

Free Add-Ons and Modalities 


Hot Stone

Hot Towels

Warm Bamboo

What is Massage Therapy?

Being at least 3,000 years old in documented practice, it is the manipulation of the body's soft tissue by use of the hands with the goal of calming the nerves, relaxing the muscles and allowing the body to adjust itself from pain and discomfort. 

In detail, massage therapy is really any one of three categories. It can be either "massage", "bodywork", or "somatic" work. Massage is the physical manipulation of the soft-tissue. Bodywork can include more movements such as stretching or use of assisting equipment techniques such as cupping. Somatic work involves more spiritual or mind-body techniques such as aromatherapy or craniosacral therapy. 

I've never had a massage before. What should I expect?

1.When you come to see me, after checking in, you will be handed a medical information form. 

This allows me to know how to adjust my massage technique in order to keep you from any harm or worsening of discomfort. All medical forms are kept locked and secure at all times. 

2. I will walk you to the room where the massage will be performed. I will show you where to leave your belongings and what clothing should be removed in order to best perform the massage. (note: I would suggest all jewelry being left at home if possible. The level of undressing is entirely up to you and you should never feel obligated to undress to a level you do not feel comfortable with. A therapist will work over or around just fine. )

3. When I leave the room, you will lay under a top sheet and warm blanket, either faced up or faced down. 

4. When I come back in the room, I will adjust the bolster and confirm your comfort before beginning the massage. 

5. Throughout the massage, you are in charge. If the pressure is too deep or too light, tell the therapist. You will not hurt their feelings. 

6. If you only wish for work to be done in specific areas (only back or only feet, etc.) during the duration of your session, do not hesitate to describe exactly what you need. 

7. Typically, I will spend half the time with you face down, then the remaining half with you face up, entirely covered at all time except for whatever limb or area of the body I am working on at the time. After each area/limb is addressed, it is recovered. 

8. At the end of the session, I will step out for you to redress and step out of the room. 

9. Any suggested stretches or therapies (such as an epsalm salt bath) will be discussed at this time after which you are free to go. 

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue uses pinpoint and heavier pressure in precise areas where the root causes of pain and discomfort are found. This is a great technique for built up muscle and deeper layers of muscle. 

It does not have to be a painful experience. If you need deep work done but are not able to handle a lot of pressure, there are ways around that. Jostling, stretching, broad pressure without pinpoint contact are a few options.  The goal is to address your aches and pains...not give reason for more. With that in mind, deep is deep and I find that most clients achieve better results when building up to a deep pressure through gradual pressure increase with each session. 


Reflexology is a technique which addresses pain and discomfort through pressure and massage to particular areas of the feet or hands in order to affect other parts of the body. It is believed that certain organs and parts of the body are linked to certain parts of the feet and hands and pressure to these regions can cause change in the corresponding organ or body part. 


Acupressure applies comfortable pressure to precise places in the body to help the body overcome and recover from ailments and pain. How is it different from Reflexology? Well, acupressure comes from Chinese medicine which holds that the points held run along energy lines in the body and affect the body on a larger scale. Reflexology derives from the theory that particular organs and parts of the body are in direct relationship with the reflex points. 

Note: I typically apply at least a few acupressure points to each session. 


During the months while your baby is growing inside, pains and aches can become a part of the journey that is less wonderful to bare at times. For a prenatal massage you are laid on your side surrounded by soft pillows while I perform the full body or customized massage. Pressure becomes a little more challenging to apply but still doable. 

Sports Massage

Before or after a game, the gym, or marathon, you sometimes need a way to keep your muscles from cramping and becoming tight while you're recovering from a high level of physical activity. Or if your needing to maintain your muscles while preparing for a level of physical activity, sports massage would help. Includes the use of jostling, shaking, beating, fast effleurage strokes, and stretching. 


Aromatherapy and herbal creams are ways to create a calm and peaceful state of mind while receiving a massage. Different oils and herbs such as lavender, chamomile or peppermint all have their own precise effect on the body and mind and the effects should be considered when pairing the herbal scents with the type of massage received. 

Aromatherapy Oil


Cupping is a very old method of treating illness by placing a cup made from glass, plastic, bamboo or ceramic on the skin at the location of a muscle belly. While massage uses direct pressure on the soft tissue, cupping uses negative pressure to pull up the soft tissue. This can create an increase in circulation and help relieve pressure to the tissues. It can help with pain relief and aching muscles. 

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