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Cancellations: Please cancel before 12 hours of the appointment. A cancellation fee of 50% will be applied to the card on file if the appointment is cancelled within 12 hours of scheduled time. This is due to the loss of time the therapist has to fill the appointment time with another client and to encourage clients to honor the time requested from the therapist's schedule. If a client presents a medical condition that is contraindicated for massage therapy, the session may be postponed or cancelled to ensure the safety of the client or until the therapist feels competent to work on the condition. If the session is canceled for these reasons, a cancellation fee will not apply. 

Payment: By cash or credit card. Checks are accepted with ID verification only. 

Lateness or Failure to appear: Please be prepared to meet your therapist 15-30 minutes before the appointment. After 30 minutes into the scheduled time, if the therapist has not received communication from the client, the therapist may cancel the appointment and charge the 50% cancellation for the time lost. 15-30 minutes before the session allows time for a first-time client to fill out the intake form and ask any questions. If the therapist is late to the appointment by 15-30 minutes, the client has the option to receive a full refund. 

Sickness: If the client notifies the therapist of illness before the appointment, the client will not be charged a cancellation fee. 

Boundaries: Please notify your therapist, at any point during the session, if you feel uncomfortable in any way. Your comfort and sense of security are top priority and you should never be made to feel uncomfortable. Your therapist will ALWAYS keep areas of genitalia covered during the entirety of your appointment. If you ever feel exposed or that your security is compromised, please notify your therapist immediately so they can take steps to check draping before continuing with the session. A client may choose to remain clothed during the entirety of the session, if they choose. 

Technology : Video and camera use is prohibited during the duration of the session. If camera or video use is done without permission of the therapist, the therapist may cancel the appointment immediately upon use discovery. Cellphones should preferably be turned down or off in order to ensure a session without interruption. A therapist may use their cellphone for music but should never touch or check their cellphone during session. Cellphones should be placed away from the session area and notifications should be turned off. 

Hygiene and Sanitation: It is requested that the client consider personal hygiene before the session to ensure the safety and comfort of both therapist and client. The therapist will need to wash hands and arms before and after all sessions. It is requested that the client notify the therapist of any conditions of the skin that may be spread by contact, as well as any areas of the body where skin is broken. 

Confidentiality: The client's privacy will be respected at all times both during and outside of a session. All conversations and information is kept private and the client should always be made to feel their privacy is safe. 

Informed Consent: A medical intake form is provided by the therapist and must be filled out by the client before a session can take place. The therapist will verbally confirm the medical information provided. This second confirmation is to ensure that the written medical information is correct and intended. 

Medical Intake and Written Consent: A medical intake form is provided by the therapist and must be filled out by the client before the session. This ensures that the therapist protects the clients well-being and avoids furthering any conditions. "Medical supervision" refers to any condition that is regularly monitored by your primary physician. Any such condition under medical supervision should always be mentioned to your therapist to ensure a clients safety and to ensure the therapist has proper education in working with the condition. Some conditions may require the session be postponed or even cancelled. (see cancellation policy in this event)

Packages: Bundle price and discount expires 12 months after initial purchase. Can not combine with other discounts. Sessions are discounted/adjusted at time of sessions after initial purchase. Package can not be transferred for the use of more than one client but may be gifted for someone other than payee. Cancellation policy still applies to individual sessions and must be honored before future sessions can be scheduled. 

Gift Cards: Old Thyme Medicine provides both egift cards and plastic or hardcopy gift cards. These do not expire. Plastic gift cards may be refilled and used again after initial use if desired. 

For questions or concerns: 703-220-3524 or

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