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What Is Mobile Massage Therapy?

Updated: Feb 14

It's literally as it sounds. It's massage therapy, by a licensed massage therapist, that comes to you rather than you making the trip to see them. This makes not only massage but regular massage much more accessible to more people.

What can I expect when I book a mobile massage?

Glad you asked!

1. I call first: When you book a mobile massage, I will usually call you before the session (usually a day or more before the session). I will verify your needs for getting a mobile massage for one thing. This is mostly due to safety reasons and verifying that there are no inappropriate intentions for booking and because I want to confirm my safety as a therapist. Also, I will go over logistics such as how much room is minimally needed to fit a massage table in a room and where I should park as well as appropriate time to arrive. I will also go over any health history that is important to know before arriving so I can be sure to have all the appropriate equipment.

2. I arrive and set-up: I will usually arrive 15-20 minutes before the schedule time in order to set up the table and get everything prepared. Also, this time is used for the client to fill out a health history form if they are a first time client. I will go over your form and verify health concerns, allergies, and discuss areas where you need the work done on the body.

3. The massage: Once everything is in place and health history is discussed, the massage is then performed. I will usually step out of the room to wash my hands in the bathroom while you, the client, either gets undressed and under the top sheet and blanket or to lay down and collect your thoughts. Just like any other massage, you are always in charge and should make your therapist aware of pressure tolerance and comfort level.

4. Post massage: Once the massage is complete, I'll step out of the room to wash my hands again while you get dressed and sorted. I will re-enter to go over notes and answer any questions. I'll then start to break down my table and collect my things. At this point, I'll usually collect payment and bid you adieu.

That's really about it! Nothing more complicated than that.

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