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Why Do Massage Therapists Have A Cancellation Policy?

When booking your appointment, that time block becomes an agreement between two parties. The day of your session, beginning the moment we open our doors, we plan out each moment with the understanding that there will need to be equipment and space reserved for someone at a particular hour of the day. All other requests for appointments to use that equipment and space at that time are turned away. In fact, The spa or wellness center can receive multiple requests for appointment leading up to that time slot and all will be turned away because an agreement has already been made. It seems obvious but honestly, I've found that there are clients who just don't think of it that way. When a client does not show up for their appointment or fail to notify us that they aren't coming, we have lost the ability to create an appointment for that time slot. The therapist has lost potential pay and there is usually never a chance for another potential client to come in on such short notice. Employed massage therapists work on commission so when there's no client, there's no pay. That's why most or all spas and wellness centers enforce a 12 or 24 hour cancellation policy. Also, a fee is applied because it helps drive home the importance of keeping your appointment or notifying us so we have a chance to fill that time slot. As for Old Thyme Medicine, LLC, we ask that you cancel 12 hours or more before your appointment to avoid a 50% fee.

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